A Fun Fourth

Yesterday we celebrated, with every other American, the Fourth of July.  We had the must-have Independence Day food: hotdogs, homemade ice cream, chips, and dips.  Debbie also made an impressive apricot-almond tart, which was just beautiful.  A little swimming, a bit of fireworks, a lot of eating...a successful celebration, if you ask me!  What a privilege it is to live in this country where we have such abundance!  Thanks be to God for his blessings and provision and to those who have served our country for their sacrifice.

Nothing quite like home-made ice cream!
My first time making ice cream!  Of course, Dad and Robby were in charge of it once I poured in the mix while I swam in the pool.
Poor Honey had surgery last week so had to stay inside.  Luckily her bed is by the door, so she could still watch us all from the comfort of her home.
Dad and his "Wall of Suns"
The grill-master!
As well as the Fireworks-Master!  He put on quite a show!
Jerry and Rosalie
Auntie Di and Randy
Debbie and Mom
If you loved the show, raise your hands!!!


  1. How fun that you guys got to celebrate with both families!


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