Happy New Year!

It's hard to believe 2011 has passed and we are beginning 2012!  There is something special about January 1st.  Even though there's hardly any difference between December 31st and January 1st (one day is about it), I know many of us feel a hopeful expectation with the coming of a new year.  It can be a time for forgiveness, release, renewal, commitment, and rededication.

I'm feeling a bit of all of this.  I admit this past weekend included a few tears for me.  It was nearly a year ago that I had my surgery.  At that time, my doctor had great statistics to share with me about women becoming pregnant within a year after such a surgery and was sure that I could be one of those success stories.  Clearly, that wasn't the case.

So, there were tears on December 31st, but renewed hope on January 1st.  Yes, 2011 wasn't the year for us to have a baby.  But 2012 is here, and who knows what God has in store for us now?

Here's to 2012, friends!  I pray that God is your hope and portion this year.  May His name be blessed for His love and grace to all of us!

Ringing in the New Year!
Grateful for another wonderful year with my husband!
Thankful for good laughs,
intense Wii games, 
and amazing dance moves!
Most of all, thankful for friends!


  1. Oh good grief, that picture of us dancing is not ok- I look like I am breaking a hip or something ;) Had fun friends! Tanks for deem emma reece!


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