Twenty-Nine and Feeling Fine!

Funniest cat birthday card ever!  Thanks, girls!
Yesterday I celebrated my twenty-ninth year of life!  But of course, I celebrated days before because around here we do weekend birthdays.  Friday night we went out to dinner with Ben, Steph, and Ellie (lame picture of that night) for some tasty Henry's Mexican food, then games and fun at their house.  Steph's "book theme" of gifts was perfect!   A new ATK cookbook--healthy style--and the Hunger Games trilogy.  I cannot wait to begin these, and I'm pretty sure she's wanting me to have them read ASAP so we can finally talk about them.

Saturday night Robby and I went to dinner, using up a nice Fugazzi's giftcard we received at Christmas.  We had to travel all the way to Hanford because Visalia's Winter Formal crowd took up every spot downtown.  Hanford's Fugazzi's is great, though, so I'm glad we were forced to try it.

Sunday was the real day.  I received many birthday wishes at church, then had a quick birthday lunch at The Habit (pastrami sandwich...delicious!!!).  A couple of hours of doing what I love most--sitting around, drinking coffee, enjoying a fire--then we went to my parents' house for more celebrating.  The Feely's joined us, as well as Chelsea Boyd, so we had a great party!  My mom made my Italian favorites and brought out a fabulous cheesecake, and as usual, all of my family and friends spoiled me with thoughtful and generous gifts: new clothes, shoes, and accessories; Harry Potter books and dvds; car washes from my dad; and then a nice little bit of cash in case I wasn't spoiled enough.

Did I mention I'm spoiled?  Steph gave me the Hunger Games trilogy e-book because the gift Robby gave me was a new Kindle Touch!  I love it!!!  I feel like a kid totally excited about a new toy.  He also gave me a beautiful purple leather case for it, the prettiest case I've ever seen.

We did snap lots of pictures, but Robby was using his newly-handed-down-to-him camera, and I don't know how to get the photos on my computer yet.  The photo montage will have to come another time...

Thank you all for making my birthday so special and my twenty-ninth year of life so amazing!  I love each one of you!


  1. Can! I am so happy your birthday was celebrated all weekend. When you get to my age you celebrate the entire month ;) .... You look beautiful in the plum dress! xoxo

  2. happy happy birthday my friend! sounds like you had a wonderful celebration and i hope 29 is as good to you as it was me :)

  3. Love you too Can! And love your dress! Beautiful!


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