We had showers this weekend...figuratively speaking, that is.  Friday night we gave Chels her bachelorette party and Saturday was her bridal shower.  Here are just a few shots of the two parties.  It's clear to see from these that Chelsea is going to be the most beautiful bride ever!  She looks like wedding barbie.

Holding her bow bouquet
Lots of lovely gifts!
She does.
In case anyone was wondering...
Delicious food!
Steph, Chels, and me
Along with Chels, the four of us actually shared an apartment our senior year of college!
Mmm...all our favorites!
Hanging out in Carly's perfect-for-entertaining kitchen
Playing a game!
Sara and Esther
Dad and Chels
He snuck in for a quick hello on Saturday
Rosalinda, Carly, and Camille
Auntie Di and Mom
Enjoying our delicious meal!
And here's the lovely bride!


  1. aw fun! my parents are coming up for the wedding and we'll be in palm springs that weekend! i'll send hugs with them :)


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