New Year's Resolutions

Calla's Resolutions:
1.  Sleep 80% of my life away.
2.  Eat the best catfood the marketplace has to offer.
3.  Play in at least 100 boxes this year.
4.  Chase butterflies, birds, and any other flying creature.
5.  Remind Candace and Rob who's boss...daily.
I'm late sharing my New Year's Resolutions, but just as well.  I've had a couple of weeks to try to keep them, and I'm not doing too badly.  Here they are:

1.  Spend time reading the Bible daily.  I did this two years ago and read through the "Everyday Bible."  Last year, I thought to myself, I don't need a daily reading.  I can read the Bible everyday just on my own.  Wrong.  For me personally, it helps to have a schedule laid out for me.  Sure, I'll miss days, but it becomes somewhat of an accountability partner, a little book that says to me, "It's January 14.  Did you read today?"

2.  Work out three times a week.  (Which means if I can at least do two times a week, I'll be thrilled!)

3.  Continue to cut sugar and eat more protein and veggies.  I have, so far, eaten more protein and veggies, but the sugar-cutting isn't easy.

4.  Practice piano two hours a week and work through a collection of classical pieces I've had forever.  (I've already worked through two!)

5.  Work on my music, and have a completed piece every month.  (I already have so many incomplete pieces...I need to finish them!)

6.  Have my week's lessons completed and copied the Wednesday before.  (Yay, first week back to school, and I did this!)

So, those are the hard ones, the resolutions that will take lots of energy, even if it is with things I deeply care about.  But I've heard you need to include a few easy resolutions, so here they are:

7.  Spend time with friends every week.  This includes my weekly phone-calls with Kelly :)

8.  Buy cute clothes...or at the very least borrow from my sisters, two of which now live three minutes from me.

9.  Sew fun projects, any from my new book Sewing in a Straight Line will do!

10.  Create and decorate just because I love to, and spend lots of time with design books (like my new Design Sponge at Home), sites, and blogs.


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