The Perfect Visit!

A couple of weeks ago, I received a very disappointing phone call.  After careful planning and months of waiting, the time was near for Kelly to come for a kid-less four day visit with me.  That phone call ruined everything: the whole family had the stomach flu, and the visit would have to be cancelled.

Fortunately, Kelly pulled a last minute trip together about a week or so later and came for two nights.  We had a wonderful time acting like two girls with not a responsibility in the world!

Sunday afternoon kicked off our visit with a showering of birthday presents for her, dinner for two (Rob was busy with church commitments), and a viewing of Harry Potter, sprinkled with lots of yummy desserts and drinks.  Monday we lounged around until noon, then said hello to Camille at Tazarria and ran a few errands. That evening, we splurged on a delicious sushi dinner and saw Hunger Games at the theater.  (Loved it!)  Pizookies at home, a birthday song, and gabbing until the wee hours of morning kept us from facing the inevitable: our visit was nearly over.  An earlyish coffee date ended our fabulous time, then it was back to the real world as I headed to work and Kelly went on her way to her family.

Two days later, I am still recovering from our jam-packed couple of days and already making mental plans for our next one.  Thanks for the visit, friend!


  1. I want to steal that top, candace! So cute!!

    I'm glad Kelly was able to make it, sometimes you just need best friend time :)

  2. My dear friend, this IS going to become a regular occurrence. Thank you for such a wonderful time! I miss you and love you.

  3. That sounded so great Can, I wanted to see more pics of you two having all that fun.

  4. Can, I think I have that top in black! Did you get it at Urban? :) And I LOVE girls weekends! Glad you guys got to spend time together.


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