Pinned It, Made It: Baby Buggy Card!

It seems baby shower season is upon us once again!  How is it that these type of events seem to come in bunches?  The first of many is my sweet friend from church who is expecting a girl this June.  I browsed for a cute shower card idea and came across one from GlitterGlueGlam. It was a cute little baby buggy made out of fabric. Out of that, I made this:
Super simple and super sweet, wouldn't you say?  Here's the quick how-to, but don't make it for any showers I'm planning to attend, too ;)

Wire (or paper clip)
Fabric or Felt (or paper, for that matter)
Two buttons

Make a circle out of your fabric/felt/paper.  Fold in quarters and cut one quarter out.  Starch and iron (if using fabric), so it is stiff.  Take wire (or paperclip) and fold into an angle.  Glue ribbon across bottom and glue buggy, making sure there will be enough room for your legs and wheels.  Place one dollop of hot glue on top of wire, tuck under buggy, and press.  Add buttons for wheels and anything else to your card.


  1. Great job Can! I enjoy making cards also but I have not made the time here lately. You have inspired me to get back at card making :)

  2. I especially like that you put a bird on it! Very cute :)


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