Tidbits Tuesday

Happy Tuesday, all!

Isn't the exclamation point just wonderful?  I can type "Happy Tuesday" and follow that with an exclamation point to make it seem that I am full of energy!  See?!  I did it again!  The truth is, though, I'm tired.  It's only Tuesday, and I am worn out.  I came home from work at 4:15 and have filled the past three hours sitting on the couch eating a banana split (that's right -- a banana split.  at 4:30), watching reruns of 30 Rock, and napping with my cat.

Why am I tired?  Because life is busy.  And the school-year is nearly over.  And the end-of-season events are upon us.  And cotton is floating in the air making my allergies unbearable.

Nonetheless, I've had a great week and wanted--at the very least--to share my latest tidbits starting with the most recent.

1. We had our final Bible study last night and are officially on summer break.  From September through May we meet nearly every week at our home on Mondays.  Through fellowship and studying God's word, we've grown in unity and love.  Although a couple months off will be nice, I'm grateful for this group and the year we've had.  For our last night, we shared a meal and took an opportunity to celebrate with one of our couples the upcoming arrival of their baby girl.  Just look the adorable things my mom-in-law made for the occasion:

I'll be posting about her lovely items another day.  They really are special!  For the occasion, I also made cupcakes and once again my flour frosting stole the show.  What?  You haven't tried it yet?  You must.  I even simplified it and just used powdered sugar, and it still was great.

2. After church on Sunday, I got to spend the whole day with my mom :)  It's funny that I am nearly thirty years old and still love hanging out with my mama.  We hung out by the pool, went shopping, and ate yummy food.  My favorites.

3. I hosted a women's brunch here on Saturday morning.  It was lovely, albeit a bit under-attended.  But those who came brought good food and good conversation, so we had a great time sitting outside on a cooler May morning.

4.  Friday night we hung out with Ben, Steph, and Ellie.  It had seemed like ages since we'd seen them. We finally did what I've been wanting to do forever--made home-made pizza on the barbecue!  It turned out perfectly and will be a weekly thing, I hope.  Steph snapped some great shots, then whipped up strawberry shortcake for us afterward.  Delish!  I'll share the recipe and how-to soon.

5.  Thursday night Robby's softball team played two games that spanned about four hours of our evening.  To top it off, the night was the windiest it's been!  I was covered in dirt from sitting in the bleachers as little whirlwinds kept coming my way.

6.  Tuesday and Wednesday were busy workdays, and I found myself filling every second with grading or planning or piling as we are down to only two weeks left!  I also refused to let myself plop on the couch after work and went to the gym.  Too bad that motivation hasn't been there this week.  Maybe tomorrow.

And that was it, my week in tidbits.  I feel a bit more energized now that I've blogged and maybe am not so hard on myself.  It has been a busy week indeed!  Hope your day's been kind and your week is filled with good things so far.


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