DC Day 2: Trains, Planes, and Rockets

DC Day 2 got off to a bit of a late start, but we were happy to wait for another addition to our group. Deb drove from Ohio for a couple of days to join in on the fun. The big thing of the day was a visit to the Smithsonian Space and Air Museum.  It was quite impressive and a great learning experience...although I think I left with more questions than I had going in. Ignorance is bliss, I suppose. A big highlight was Deb sharing a bit of what she does...which must be pretty amazing if she used something at the museum to explain it! (See the photo below.)
The amazing brick wall picture...as promised
Deb and her prop!
Jerry and a giant door!
Neat view of the Washington Monument
After the museum, we found a great Thai place and had a nice family dinner, then walked/rode the train home for dessert and hot beverages.


  1. That is one giant door. Awesome bricks too. Looks like a really neat trip!

  2. fun! i did the typical junior high dc trip eons ago and haven't been back since - but i do remember those places being really cool!


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