DC Day 1: A Monumental Beginning

Hi all! It has become a year of traveling for us. We are so excited to join Robby's family for a trip to Washington, D.C. - a first for Rob and me!

We boarded our plane late last night and suffered through another red-eye (we did this for our trip to New York, too), arriving in Virginia around 7:00 am this morning. Needless to say there was not much sleep on our red-eye flight, but we managed to catch up on a few hours before heading out to see some of the main monuments.

Rob's parents rented this great place for everyone to stay. It is a super cute three-level apartment (we're renting out two levels) built sometime in the late 1880's and recently updated. There are three bedrooms on the top floor, and the main floor has a roomy family area, a nice dining area with a great table, and a decent-sized little kitchen. One of the greatest features is the exposed brick wall in the living room. Love that! We are seriously minutes from the Capitol, so it's going to be a lot of fun walking around and exploring this week! I'll have to take some pictures and share them, but for now, here's a pic of the front of the place.
Today we went to Union Station and had lunch, then jumped on the train to go and see a few sights: the Washington Monument, Lincoln Memorial, WW2 Memorial, Korean War Memorial, Vietnam War Memorial, and a couple other little ones along the way. Everything was impressive, but we stayed the longest and were most amazed by the Lincoln Memorial. I never knew how huge the statue was! The whole building itself is beautiful, made out of gorgeous white marble.
In front of the Washington Monument
We're tiny!
Side of the Lincoln Memorial building
Three Feely boys
More to come this week!


  1. Hey Can! Cool pics! You guys do look tiny on those steps. Have a great week. I look forward to more updates.


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