It Takes Two!

For the past week, my hub has been pretty much incapacitated. A strange little "pop" in his neck a few weeks ago eventually led to horrible pain and an inability to move without such pain. Muscle relaxers, pain killers, heating pads and ice packs became his best pals. His usual busy life was whittled down to time on the couch, time in bed, and--if he was feeling really ambitious--a walk down the path in the backyard. It was the first time in the seven-plus years we've been married that he missed church for a reason other than a planned vacation. He has never missed, not even when he has been so sick he could hardly move.

So where has that left me? Exhausted! I've never said my husband is lazy or unhelpful or anything of the sort because that would be a flat out lie. That man is busy and about as Type A as me. However, the reality is that many things he does I simply don't see or appreciate. Sure, I know he keeps our yard immaculate and takes out the trash each week. But I forget that he picks up the mail, sends off the bills, drives us around, straightens up, cleans out the cat box, waters the patio plants, sprays for (and kills!) bugs, puts away dishes, makes the bed, helps with dinner, pulls weeds, folds clothes, feeds Calla, makes coffee, goes to the bank, and so much more. All of those things were on me this week!

And perhaps what left the greatest void was what he does best. He takes care of me. Even if I don't realize it, even if I deny it at times, he's always taking care of me. How I missed his little snack plate of cheez-its and pickles at night, his insistence that I drink more water (with a glass of water placed in front of me), his ability to pick up on the fact that I'm about ready to collapse and follow up with, "I'll make dinner tonight."

We're a pair, he and I, and we've become accustomed to working and living as a pair. It was more than exhausting this week. With him either in pain or knocked out from medication, it was a bit lonely. I need that guy, and I'm betting he needs me, too. And, tired as I am, I love it that way :)


  1. Man! Rob, I hope this injury won't hamper your golf game. Sounds terrible. Hope you are back to near 100% soon.

  2. Poor Rob! I need more details: is it better, what was the cause? Call me this weekend if you can.
    Super cute post, btw.

  3. Aw what a sweet post! You two are turtle doves! I hope Rob feels better soon!


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