Summer Highlights

Summer seems like an eternity ago, a very busy eternity ago. After New York, there was 4th of July, VBS, Kelly's visit (which coincided with Rob heading off to camp), caring for a very sick Calla (yeah...five visits to the vet in two weeks), lots of dinners with friends and family, and Carlsbad. It was a good summer, but in between all of the events, my hours were spent creating the English curriculum for my school. All in all, I made forty-five lessons, fifteen assessments, and much more. I'm still working on it, as the (unreachable) goal was 180 lessons, but little by little I'm achieving it.

When life is busy, some things must be placed on the back-burner, and one of those things was blogging. I'm trying to get back into it, but catching up on nearly three months of life is difficult. So, here is my summer post. Thanks for reading!

4th of July - The Feely's and VK's gathered together for food and fireworks. Robby was our fire director, and thanks to him, we had a great show!
VBS was the next week. Courtney and I led our fourth year of music and had fun dressing up for the Aviation theme. It was an awesome five days -- kids got excited about Jesus! What more could we ask for?
The week after VBS I hid and tried to accomplish as much as I possibly could so Kelly's visit wouldn't be tainted with work. Rob headed off to camp, and Kelly came soon after. We cooked, baked, and crafted among the easy stuff of talking and watching tv. My cat got really sick during that week, which was not pleasant to deal with at all, especially with Rob off at camp with no cell phone service. She pulled through, though, and is back to her bratty self. Kelly and I thoroughly enjoyed each other's company and had a pretty fabulous week of cooking with practically everything turning out, the focaccia and caramel budinos ranking among the faves. (Recipes to follow!)
Carlsbad was blissful, a whole week of sunshine and lounging and spending time with people we love. I don't have a lot of pics (that are bikini-less, at least), but these were some favorite moments: Johnny burying Kara's boys in the sand (they loved it at first, then were terrified), John and Kelly's visit with the kids, morning coffee with an ocean-view, shopping and more shopping, an extra weekend in San Diego with Robby, and all four of the Vander Kooi girls spending two days together! That hasn't happened in years! It was a great end to summer.
The day after we got back from Carlsbad, I hit the ground running with school. Sometimes I really forget that summer has already come and gone! But I'm looking forward to Fall, which is just around the corner. Cool mornings, crisp leaves, orange and white pumpkins, steaming-hot soups, and lots of cinnamon and spice!


  1. Woohoo!!! Feely's Fresh Nest posts! I look forward to reading more friend. Miss you.

  2. welcome back! you've been missed :)


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