Camille+Scott (Part 2)

For the rest of the wedding story, see the following posts: The Rehearsal, The Pre-Show, and Part 1.

Once we arrived at the venue, we took pictures, set up final items, did a sound check, then headed to the tent where we excitedly awaited the ceremony. We had a great time hanging out, as you can see!
We all had a good laugh over the giant mic headset Robby was given. Lauren and Chels did some great poses with it, and we are sure they both have careers in some type of sports-casting.
Probably the loveliest sight was the dessert bar. We had been working on draping white doors with beautiful cream and blush fabric, and it served as the prettiest backdrop!
Bikes were a sweet theme woven throughout the decor!
The toasts were all pretty fantastic! As you can see, Camille and Scott had a grand time listening to all the crazy stories.
Cake in the face? Not this couple. 
So many friends came out to celebrate...
The rest of the night was spent on the dance floor!
 Are we excited for our little sister???
Yes we are!!!

Congratulations, Scott and Camille! We love you!


  1. Love these posts! Thanks for sharing. Congratulations Camille and Scott! God grant you many years!


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