Camille+Scott: Rehearsal

We're going to start from the beginning. Well...not the very beginning, as in not when Camille threw away all the rules of dating and shamelessly pursued Scott until he finally became aware that she was his future-wife. We're going to start with the rehearsal on Friday.

Friday was a fun day, simple as that. It was busy, of course, as most day-before-the-wedding-day's go. But it was fun. Carly and I met up for manicures and pedicures, and then we headed to a spa to get spray-tanned. (First time! FYI - it is nothing like the Friends episode.) There we got to see and chat with Camille who was having her nails done. After being beautifully bronzed, I ran to my hair stylist who gave me a quick fringe trim, got my car washed, quickly primped and then headed to Victorian Garden for the rehearsal.

Camille and Scott were adorable, fairly at ease, and looked so lovely that it could have easily been a casual wedding. Our wedding coordinator that night was extremely helpful, so between her and Robby (who was marrying them), our night went quite smoothly.

After the run-through, we went to Bravo Farms for the dinner, thanks to the Schuil family, and had a fabulous time celebrating, sharing, and digging in to the amazing food!


  1. you are totally right about it could have been a casual wedding! how pretty!! and the last shot of scott & Camille is a great one!


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