Camille+Scott: The Pre-Show

Camille's wedding day began bright and early at my parents' home where a team of highly-trained staff worked their wedding day magic. A hair stylist and make-up artist were on call for all of us women, while the photographer snapped shots throughout the morning. With each hour, Camille looked more and more stunning. We knew Scott was going to be knocked flat with the beauty of his bride! Here's a bit of our morning:

Camille's hair stylist Christine puts the final touches on her look, pinning the hand-made veil:
A quick lip touch-up!
Check out those fabulous shoes!
And the final rush begins! Grab the flats and purse and get going! We're an hour late! (Seriously.)
Love her!
Don't let the train drag!
Almost there...
I included this for purely selfish reasons since I'm actually smiling. Camille looks a bit concerned, on the other hand. I'm sure she's wondering how she and her giant dress will fit in the car. (They did, by the way.)
Made it! (Who's that guy?, you may be's the photographer who kindly offered to take Camille to the venue. Good thing because none of us was ready!)
Once the bride was safely away, the rest of us finished up. Now my clothes actually matched my hair and make-up!


  1. your dresses are gorgeous! love the color - you all look beautiful!

    1. Thanks, Marisa! We all were huge fans of the dresses! I'm hoping I'll have something to wear it again someday!

  2. I love that the photographer drove her to the wedding venue, haha. Great pictures. You all look beautiful :)

    1. Ha, I know! That's a sign of a good photographer, I think - willing to help out in any way!


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