Happy birthday, Camille!

Today is my baby sister's birthday! Okay, I know she's not a baby at all. She's a beautiful, successful, married woman. But because she's the youngest, she's the one I remember most being little. And I love remembering when we were all little.
Here's a little bit about this girl we all love so:

We must begin with describing Camille in one simple word: fun. This girl is fun! Whether she's dancing, singing, mimicking (she's great at that!), or laughing her loud laugh, she makes the day a good one. If there's a dance floor, she's out there, and thanks to her days as a cheerleader, she can definitely hold her own.

Camille loves a good meal and a good sweet, from cupcakes to nerd ropes. And if she offers you a piece of gum, just know, it's probably fruit-flavored. Somehow, she reminds me of summer: so vibrant and full of life. And tan.

Camille is beautiful, with her big blue eyes and bright blonde hair. But more than that, she has a beautiful soul. She's incredibly kind and compassionate, so long as you're not a cat. Of course, like many of her family members, she has a bit of crazy inside her. But that's what makes her so loveable: she has a passion for life!

Camille has always been a wonderful sister, daughter, and friend, and now she's a wonderful wife, too. She loves her family deeply, and (we'll be honest) we'd do just about anything for her.

I wish you many, many happy years, Camille! Love you, little Beebs!


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