Introducing Citrus and Cream!

It has been a busy summer, my friends. I have a number of posts rattling around in my head, but before I can write any of those, I just have to share my new exciting adventure with you!

My friend Stephanie and I have created a site called Citrus and Cream. It seeks to highlight what we love about our home (get it...citrus and the commodities in the valley), but also will be stocked full of recipes, DIYs, projects, entertaining ideas...everything we all love!

Check it out here, and follow along! Even if you're not a valley native, you will (hopefully) still enjoy the fun posts we plan to share! And this week, we have a ton of really great giveaways, so by reading, liking, and sharing, I may get to send you a little gift in the mail! How sweet is that?!

You can also find Citrus and Cream on Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter!


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