Surprise! Happy 60th, Dad!

Today is my dad's 60th birthday! (Happy birthday, Daddy-o!) And since sixty is pretty awesome, we all threw him a surprise birthday party this past Saturday! It was a lot of planning and a lot of secrets, but it was worth it. He was totally shocked, and we had a great time celebrating the wonderful years God has granted him.
Love you, Dad! Looking forward to the next surprise party we throw you!


  1. SO FUN! He did genuinely look surprised :)

  2. Wish we stayed for cake! Love that pic with the guys.

  3. You took some great photos! Thanks for posting. I like the one of me and you and dad. Dad's mouth is the same in every photo! He was so happy!!

    1. Roger snapped a few of these, too! Yes, that picture of you and me and Dad is a favorite. And I showed Dad the pictures, and he commented on his face being the same in each pic. That's embarrassing, he said.

  4. I love the look on your dad's face in the picture below the one of the flower centerpieces! Many years to Ron!


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