Christmas Day at the Feely House

We made it to Robby's parents house by 8:30 on Christmas Day, and we were busy until we left around 7:00. The morning began with the fantastic Feely tradition of Debbie's homemade cinnamon rolls. We thoroughly enjoyed them, especially Nathan (nephew), who managed to cram nearly a whole one into his tiny mouth. Before stockings, we sang a few Christmas carols (Nathan kindly assisted me on the piano) and read the Christmas story. It was a lovely start to our day.

Nathan's and my "duet"
The best stocking gifts ever...punching balloons! Only the boys in the family got them, but we all enjoyed watching Nathan hit them up in the air.
More stocking surprisesNathan sits with Uncle Robby, ready to open presents!It was truly a wonderful Christmas, and it was so special all of us being together.

Merry merry Christmas to all!


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