Party #2

On Friday night, the youth at our church celebrated Christmas, as well as the end of school for 2009, at our house for their Christmas party. We had a full house - about 20 of us, including the leaders, made it out for the night.

A few happy faces, all ready to start the funPlaying "Catch Phrase" - the new favorite game (well, new to us)The least greedy "Greed" game I have ever witnessed! They all were pretty content with the gifts they opened. The only item that created greedy eyes was the Reindeer Pez.
Sitting around enjoying the food

After the youth group left, the adult leaders (me, Robby, Josh, and Jessica) continued the party with "Twilight." (Don't go crazy on me...Jessica hadn't seen it yet and had just finished the books. It was a necessary event.)


  1. Ahaha! I knew you couldn't stay away... We need to make another date for New Moon before it leaves theatres. Maybe a matinee in between Christmas and New Years! See you soon :)


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