Christmas Eve at the VK House

It has always been the Vander Kooi tradition to celebrate Christmas with the family on Christmas Eve. This year, we were fortunately able to keep the tradition going, even though it gets harder and harder each year to make it work. Almost all of the VK side made it, and we had an absolutely wonderful time spending all of Christmas Eve together, the highlight of which was getting able to go to our Christmas Eve service together. We took up two rows with just our family alone!

Robby and I smile big...what's not to be happy about on Christmas?
Chelsea sits pretty even after having her wisdom teeth out just a few days before! Impressive!

Camille and Ali - the "littlest" girls we had there

Jonathon and Kara enjoy a tasty appetizer.

Mom and Beebs (as we affectionately call her) snuggle up on the cozy chair.

Grandma and Aunt Sue

Enjoying the delicious food

Ready to play Greed! (We are not nearly as nice as the youth group kids.)

Opening presents:

It was a wonderful time with family, and, as Robby reminded me earlier that day, what makes it so incredible is that every person in my family knows Christ. There is nothing more I could want.


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