Just like old times

One of the greatest things about Christmas is it is often a time when friends you haven't seen in awhile travel back home. It had been about two years since we last saw Chelsea Boyd, and although we've kept up through email, blogs, and Facebook, it was awesome to actually get to spend some time together. Chels and Steph have been friends since elementary school, and I joined them in high school where we decided to go to Biola together and room together in a triple. (Just thinking of that brings about a thousand memories flooding back to me.) We were pretty much inseparable during our four years at Biola, getting to have one of the greatest living experiences ever our senior year with the three of us and my sister Chelsea sharing a great apartment. And Chelsea (and perhaps Steph, too) likes to take credit for getting Robby and me together, since they were friends before I came along. Needless to say, we have all been a big part of each other's lives.

This picture was taken the last time the three of us were all together. This is in my old apartment in Whittier in 2007.
Since my college years were pre-digital camera years for me, I only have Biola pictures on my computer that I have taken the time to scan. (One of these days I'm going to do some more.) This was our sophomore year on a weekend trip with our dorm. I believe this was the trip that included tents collapsing in the middle of the night due to wind and rain.
If I had a chance to visit a past part of my life for a day, one of those early college days would definitely be in the running, especially one that included Robby hanging out with the three of us. Would you girls agree?


  1. Yes I agree!! :) College would not have been the amazing experience it was without you girls!! Love you!


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