The results of my "Egg and Chick" cupcake attempt...
Not that bad, although grouping them together makes it all look a bit creepy.
Here they all are, worshiping the giant abominable snowman on the top of its mountain. (Sadly, that is my attempt at the lamb cupcake. I really should have looked at the picture again before I started on it.)
The wonderful thing about little kids is they really could care less how the cupcake looks. Nearly the entire mountain was consumed by five children in less than ten minutes. So, I suppose I can call this a success. Barely.


  1. your "creepy cupcakes...worshiping the giant abominable snowman" made me laugh out loud!! so awesome :). and really, anything that uses peeps is probably creepy!

  2. I agree with Marisa: Peeps tend to be rather on the creepy end of the candy spectrum. Be that as it may, your "mountain" of cupcake mastery is nothing short of awesome!

  3. I hate/love to say it Candace, but this one would be great on Cake Wrecks!

  4. Thanks for all the comments...the good and the bad :) And I've learned my lesson concerning baking with peeps. Less is always more, I think.


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