A little less March madness

Two major March events are now over, and I am thrilled to say that both were very successful. The first one was a week ago on Sunday, our youth fundraiser dinner. This is the second year we've put this on, but the first year that I was in charge of it by myself. It was quite the ordeal. Thankfully, my mother (who is an excellent cook) volunteered to do the food for us. Or maybe I volunteered her. Either way, she, with help from me and my dad, put together a great dinner. We held a silent auction that had everything from delicious desserts to a bearskin rug to slavery of our youth. (You could bid on one or all of the youth group to come and do work for you.) Rob kept everyone entertained with music, slideshows, and videos, and people seemed to genuinely enjoy the food, auction and fellowship. We raised over 1700 dollars, which will take about $100 off of each student's camp cost. Praise God!

The second major event was this past weekend, and it was held in Lakewood. The women from our previous church and denomination put on a small women's conference on Saturday and asked me to lead the worship. Although this has been a trying month for me--both physically and emotionally--and although I was very tempted to cancel last minute, the Lord truly gave me strength. We had an awesome time of worship and fellowship. Furthermore, we were able to visit many friends and left feeling encouraged and grateful for the wonderful weekend.

Something else has contributed to the sudden calm of March: New Moon. I have in my possession the three-disc edition that comes complete with the movie and plenty of extras. (Stephanie G. somehow got her hands on the special Fan edition, which has even more. Being that she is throwing a New Moon party on Friday, I can't be jealous. She's very willing to share the goods.) I am looking forward to a night off curled up on the couch with Phish food ice cream and Edward, Jacob, and Bella. (Notice that Bella is last.)

And finally, I have only five more teaching days until Spring break. Hooray!!

Hope that March is treating you just as well. If not, it is nearly over, and April can bring new joys.


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