FFF: Relax

This Friday Fave Five is inspired by the week I've had. It seems February went by in a blur, and here we are full swing into March. If I'm not careful, it's going to be Christmas again, and I'll have missed all of 2010.

Friday Fave Five: Relax!

1. Republic of Tea Ginger Peach tea - it's a perfect mixture of spice and fruit, and has just enough ginger to settle the stomach after an anxious day

2. Bath and Body Work's Orange Nectar candle - my (and Robby's) favorite scent, which seems to brighten up any room with its fresh and soothing aroma

3. Philosophy "Candy Cane" bubblebath - although more of a Christmas item, I am always given enough of it to last me through the year, so I can enjoy the sweet mint scent whenever I need a relaxing bath

4. Dove Dark Chocolate - Need I say more? Plus, the silly "fortunes" on the inside wrap are always worth a chuckle and eye-roll. ("Take a stroll through your favorite park and watch the leaves fall.")

5. Juicy sweatsuit - (Yes, I know, a splurge item.) This was a birthday gift a couple of years ago, and it has been my go-to to feel comfy and still a bit cute at the same time...a must for those days when you want to hide away.

Here is to a weekend full of all of the above, along with the good company that truly makes it all better.


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