FFF: Twilight

In honor of the Eclipse trailer that came out last weekend (awesome!) and the New Moon dvd release this weekend, my FFF is all about Twilight.

FFF: Favorite Things about the Twilight Saga (in no particular order)

1. It makes you remember what it's like during that infatuation stage when you are head over heels about a person. You can't eat, can't sleep. (Well, Edward couldn't do those things anyway, but still, I'm sure it became much worse once Bella entered his life.)

2. It's kinda fun having an obsession. I'm always late jumping on bandwagons (remember, I'm just starting Harry Potter now), so it's actually enjoyable to be part of the ridiculous craze as it's taking place. And it's even better that many of my friends are right in this with me.

3. There is indeed a spiritual element to it, even if it is mostly the love story that drives the plot. An example would be Bella's recognition that she never really "fit" into this world but seemed to be made for Edward's world. We can apply that, can't we?? No? Well then, see #5.

4. I love happy endings, and in the Twilight saga, everything ends well. Even Jacob gets a happy ending.

5. Edward Cullen. Need I say more?

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend filled with New Moon and spring flowers! (First day of Spring is tomorrow.)


  1. loved twilight, but i'm team jacob :)

  2. Would you believe I have only watched it once! I know... I can't believe it either! I want to watch Twilight again before our New Moon party- get in the mood a little :)


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