Go Team!

This past week, there were some very important teams I chose to support. No, I'm not talking about the World Cup. (That is still going on, right?) I'm talking about things that are waaay more important, such as babies, computers, and...Twilight.

Go Team Edward! Honestly, is there really even another team out there? Sure, Jacob's adorable, but how could you choose him over Edward? Here is Kelly and me waiting in line for Eclipse and supporting our Cullen team with all of our hearts...and our clothing. I'm sporting my Edward shirt, and Kelly's wearing an Alice necklace. (Before you judge me, just know that Robby bought me the shirt, so he's okay with me wearing something with a cute guy on it.)
Go Team Pink! Last night, we celebrated with our friends Ben and Stephanie as they found out what the gender of their baby will be. It is a girl, so we are, in fact, the winners. Both mom and dad-to-be were hoping for a little one in pink, so this was a fantastic surprise.
Finally, go Team Mac! I don't have a picture for this one, but I'm using the very item to write my post. Yes, I've officially crossed the line from PC to Mac, and I'm loving it! I suppose it was sort of a "retirement" gift for me, but really my other computer was on its last leg, so something had to be done.

I guess I'm good at choosing teams because my teams have all won so far! That's right you Jacob-lovers; in the end, Edward wins.


  1. Candace, you ruined it. I am only halfway through the books! I just finished New Moon a couple of days ago. I am going to try to get through Eclipse and then watch the movies so I can go see it in the theater. I already figured Edward would win though. :)

  2. Edward doesn't ever win, because he is DOOMED TO KEEP BEING EDWARD FOR ETERNITY. Zing! I've only read the first book, as you know, and seen none of the movies, but I've always gathered that the Twilight team most worth my regard is Team Alice.

    And yes, the World Cup is still going on and you can read regular updates on my blog. Lol. Go Team Orange.

  3. Fun that you're reading the books, Andrea! Sorry I may have spilled the beans! It's okay though. I mean, I knew in the end that Harry Potter would win, but I wasn't sure how. And there is soooo much that still happens in Eclipse and Breaking Dawn, so you'll have plenty to be surprised about. And Deb, I agree Alice is totally awesome. If I had to choose a girl to support, it would be her, no question about it. I'll just have to ignore your comment about Edward :)

  4. One Twilight book have I read, and yea verily, thusly did I observe:
    1. Bella is a twit.
    2. Edward is a creep.
    3. The Cullens fail at risk management.
    Actually, it reminded of the majority of another popular romanticized book, Jane Eyre.
    1. Jane is a twit.
    2. Mr. Rochester is a creep (and even more so is that St. John guy, in point of fact).
    3. Pretty much everybody fails at risk management.

    The purported appeal of Edward Cullen is utterly lost on me, I fear.

  5. Hey Can! I saw this post on the "you might also like" (I think I might need that gadget. Tell me how). I read the comments and cracked up at Deb's because it is funny that Rochester did inspire Meyer when she was writing Edward. And it is just too funny that you and I like both books so much.


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