"Master" DIY

Before Robby and I moved to Visalia, our bedroom furniture consisted of whatever anyone would give us, plus a couple of inexpensive wicker side tables from Target. So when we moved into our new home, we were thrilled to finally get to purchase furniture for our bedroom. Although our bedroom furniture is lovely, I realized that the master bedroom needed a little more attention. This began a few DIY projects that...are you ready for this?...cost me nothing! Part of my DIY challenge was to see if I could use only left-over materials to spruce things up.

The first thing I did was freshen up a couple of plain brown toss pillows. Because I have done this before, I had lots of felt handy. I made white flowers with green leaves and found some old buttons to be the flower centers. Cute!

The next thing was something I've been wanting to try for awhile. I took a few empty wine bottles, cleaned them, and then fixed them up. A roll of thick twine and hot glue turned one of them into a cool nautical-ish vase. The other one got dressed up with a couple extra felt flowers.
I'm most proud of my final project. There is a lot of empty space on our bedroom walls, and I wanted something tall to fill part of it. I wandered through our garage looking for anything that could inspire and found some bamboo that Robby had used to stake our trees. When he came home, I got him to work turning that old bamboo into a decorative ladder. I used a string of outdoor lights I had on hand to create some light.
DIY success! A few hours (okay a lot of hours) and a few items around the house added warmth and texture to our room without taking anything out of our pockets.


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