Happy Independence Day!

The celebration of our nation's independence began a night early this year. We had heard that you could see the nearby Country Club fireworks (which take place on July 3rd) from our neighborhood, but last year, we didn't make it for some reason. This year, we were happily surprised to see a great firework show from our backyard! Robby and I took out a blanket and watched the display from the comfort of our home...my kind of night!
On the fourth, we went to church, then had a barbecue and swimming at my parents' house. It was nice but definitely low key as all of my sisters were gone. After an afternoon of eating and lounging, we came back to our house and met Robby's family for dinner and fireworks. I suppose I'm becoming a one-trick pony because I was on for dessert and made...you guessed it...strawberry shortcake. I just can't help myself! It's so easy and so good!
Hope your 4th was great!


  1. We had one of those gigantic sparklers too! Actually we had three, but we had the kids hold 'em... haha!


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