Sights and Seals

The rest of my visit at the deGrassie's was just fantastic. On Wednesday, Kelly, Anna, and I went to the Children's Beach at La Jolla and saw seals! I haven't seen that many seals together in any place except the aquarium, so it was really fun being there. Anna seemed to enjoy it, too, although I'm not sure she ever really registered what the seals were. Still, she knew something exciting was going on. Later that day we went to the mall and did some minor shopping, then ended the evening watching Eclipse, which was amazing. It was such a great trip! Now that I know how (relatively) easy it is to make the drive, it will definitely be one I do often.


  1. Look at how Anna looks at you... So darling. Does Kelli know your name is Diana? It's like she's named after you.


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