VBS 2010: Saddle Ridge Ranch!

This week has been the blur that is VBS. It's always an amazing week, but at the same time, it's one of the most exhausting things we do at church all year. For the second year in a row, I and another girl from church were the music leaders. We began each evening singing a few songs in the Worship Rally with the kids. After that, each class rotates through our room every twenty-five minutes, and there we teach them the hand motions to the songs and have a good time singing together. In other words, it's about two and a half hours straight of singing and dancing! And since this year was a cowboy theme, we had a lot of fun doing a little "two-steppin'" and the like. A great workout! The excitement and joy the kids have make the week completely worth it and leave me feeling more excited about my faith and the things God is doing.


  1. Chris and I did VBS a few weeks ago...phew...I know how exhausting it is but really rewarding!

  2. It's pretty nice you get to keep reusing your Cowboy stuff. hehe. You look really cute in the bottom picture.


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