DIY: Organized Craft Rack

I love having an organized home, but it's a plus when the organizing tool is actually kind of cute. And cheap! (Home organization is expensive, right??) Being a crafter, I have tons of materials, pieces, and notions. I had had an old spice rack sitting around, and I decided this would be the perfect holder of those crafting items.

Since I had the rack, this project was inexpensive. The can of paint was about $4 (and covered a few other projects) and the jars were from World Market, on sale for less than $1 a piece. Any rack would do, so wander around your home or a few yard sales and see what you can find!


  1. Super cute Can. I can't wait to see it...and I can't wait to see all of the cool stuff you can make for me in your fixed up craft room!

  2. Wow, I especially love the little spice rack! Great job, Can! You really have an eye for home decor and in-expensive fix-ups.


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