Whatcha (supposed to be) Reading Wednesday

It is Wednesday, and by now, I should have a post about the second book Kelly loaned me about a month ago. It is called Path to Sanity by Dee Pennock: Lessons from Ancient Holy Counselors on How to Have a Sound Mind. (I feel I should I mention I asked Kelly to borrow this; she did not force it on me.) If you remember, I devoured and loved the Harry Potter book she let me read, but this one has been sitting on my nightstand for weeks. Now, I know Kelly has great taste in books; I know she would never give me something that wasn't going to change my life; I know she believes, like I do, that reading should provoke deep thought and transformation.

That's just the problem.

I know this book is going to require some serious soul searching, and that frightens me. Just listen to the description on the back of the book:

Here are the patristic descriptions of the three basic passions in human nature--VAINGLORY. Wanting the approve of people more than the approval of God, enslavement by idols, cruelty, hatred of repentance. SELF-LOVE. Attachment to what is carnal, rather than to what is spiritual, inability to love others, willfulness, anger, and depression. PRIDE. Ignorance of oneself and one's need for God, self-exaltation alternating with despair, going out of one's mind, hearing voices, frenzy.

(The all caps are not mine. Not only are the three words written in all caps, but the font is somewhat eerie, as well.)

You see my fear? But I must conquer it. I must open the book, turn to the first page, and begin.

I am setting a goal: Today, I will read the preface (baby steps!), and by next Wednesday, I will have something to share about this book. You may hold me to that.


  1. HAHAHAHA! I can't say I blame you Can. It is a tough one...but you know it is worth it!


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