Fun Night!

On Friday night, Steph Sario, Chelsea Boyd, and I met for dinner at Henry Salazar's and then wandered over to a bench and had Starbuck's coffee. It was a fabulous night. You may remember the story of the three of us: we went to high school and Biola together (Chels and Steph go back even further than that) and were roommates and/or neighbors throughout our years at Biola. We have had many good times, so it is incredibly special to get to be able to spend an evening together, where we spent the night reminiscing and updating.

Highlights of the night:

1. Chelsea told us a hilarious story about her husband trying to make her a maxi dress. The dress was a failure, but the story was a total success.
2. Soon after leaving Henry's, Steph realized she forgot her birthday present. When we walked back in, we could see our waiter and busboy whispering frantically. I jokingly said to our waiter, "Did you throw it out?" His face showed me that he had! Luckily, he was talking about our food (which we had completely forgotten about anyway), not Steph's gift.
3. We sat on a bench on Main Street and talked for nearly two hours. So fun.
4. Steph entertained us with her discussion of her crafts and projects. Check out what she's been up to at her newly fixed-up blog.
5. I don't think we even looked at a watch the whole evening. Time just flew by, and before we knew it, it was after 10.
6. At one point, we traded business cards. Steph asked why we were doing that, and Chels said, "Because we have them, and it's fun!" Check out Chelsea's new wedding planning business: From Ring to Reception.


  1. I wish I could have heard the story about Chelsea's husband. The thing that makes it super-funny for me is that he once was my older brother's college roommate; I think they were The Odd Couple. I remember him well, and he was so good-natured and easy-going!

  2. I love that that story was the highlight of your night, girls! :) And Deb, I'm just now putting 2 and 2 together that your brother was Robby's roommate at one point! I don't even know his real name because everyone called him Goose I think. How random!


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