Friday Faves: September!

In honor of the arrival of September, today's Friday Faves is all about why September is great. And hooray, I even have five today. Love that alliteration.

1. September sounds like autumn is here, even if it doesn't feel like it. (Blast those 100 degree days coming our way!)
2. People dear to my heart have birthdays in September: coming up very soon are Steph's and Anna's.
3. It's absolutely acceptable to start decorating for holidays and buying Christmas gifts. (Confession: I've already started.)
4. The crafts and DIYs that are fall themed are darling! Check out this cute leaf mobile from Design*Sponge by clicking here. How fun would that be in an entryway?
5. We can start to bring out our favorite fall drinks and dishes: chai tea, pumpkin spice latte, spice cakes, cranberry-orange scones (see the yummy things below?) and more.


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  2. Sorry spelling errors...

    YUM! And that leaf mobile is so cute, now I just need to raid someone's yard for leaves and a branch ;) And YES it is acceptable to decorate for the holidays!!

    (PS I actually had to look up the spelling of raid... I know this is the bug spray but wasn't sure if it was the "swoop in and steal stuff" kind of raid!)

  3. you need to come visit me. no joke. temps at night are chilly, it's definitely not too hot during the day, the leaves are already turning colors, and you can justify that pumpkin spice latte because starbucks is on every corner. AND i think i'm gonna have to go to world market and pick up some of that hot cocoa - because that does sound delicious!!

  4. Candace, come visit Ohio! It is getting quite chilly here, especially at night. Temps during the day are in the 70s F. We have actual seasons! Love you!


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