Thursday, September 1, 2011

Meet in the Middle

Last weekend we were lucky ones and got to spend the day with JK since they were visiting Kelly's parents in Bakersfield.  We packed a lot in our little time - sushi for lunch (delicious!), ice cream, browsing at Williams-Sonoma, a viewing of Harry Potter, and Rubio's for dinner.  As great as it always is to see our friends, I end up just missing them more once we leave!  

Here are just a few pictures.  I wish I had a really good one of Anna.  We gave her a book and Hello Kitty stickers for her birthday.  I love that she's at the age when she'll remember that the book is from Rob and Can...although I think she may have been more into the stickers.  Honestly, I can't blame her.  I love stickers, too.
Me, Kelly, and Nick
Robby and John

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  1. Good Times! We too miss you more once we part ways.

    I had to do a double take on my "arm" in that last photo.

    Hope all is well Rob and Candace!


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