Many Happy Birthdays

August is our birthday month here at the Feely's Fresh Nest.  Two parents, two sisters, and a sister-in-law all have birthdays in August, so every weekend is taken up with celebrating.

Camille turned 22 on August 14!

My Daddy-O celebrated his big day on August 21st.
(He turned 58!  You thought I wasn't going to say, huh?)
Chels turned 27 on August 30!  She is the best present opener ever.  Just look at that face over a simple candle!

And Debbie celebrated a fabulous birthday on the last day of August.  She's wearing the gift we gave her, a beautiful "Infinity Scarf" made by Steph.
Debbie, you can share your years in the comments, if you'd like :)
Deb's big day was on August 15, but we didn't get to see her.  Hope all of you had fantastic birthdays!  To many, many more!


  1. I am 59 : ) I am not coy about my age. it is what it is. But I have this sense of this age being special. When I turned 30 I thought, finally, I am a real adult. This year has a similar sense, of some anticipation of what's next.

  2. The Infinity Scarf looks great on her!! :) Her shirt compliments the color beautifully too!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEBBIE! And all the Vander Koois as well!


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