Six Places

Places I Love:

1.  My home, especially our backyard, which just can't be beat on cool fall mornings and spring evenings

2.  New York - I've been to New York three times, but the trip last summer was my only "real" trip to New York, where I got to spend more than a day.  This is an amazing city, and a week just wasn't enough.  We are planning to go back soon!

3.  Laguna Beach - This is where Robby and I were engaged and where we spent most of our honeymoon.  I love this place.  I've never been to Hawaii, but I'm pretty sure this is as good as it can possibly get on the West Coast.

Places I Want to Go:

4.  Holland - We are starting to save to go here.  My sister will be living there within the next year, so I'm looking forward to this destination!  Plus, I am part Dutch.  I'd love to see where my dad's family came from.

5.  Ireland - Every time I see a picture or watch a movie set in Ireland, I'm amazing.  I need to see this place someday.

6.  Italy - I must must must have real Italian pizza!  


  1. Can, your backyard is so beautiful! You and Rob have done a great job :)

    I also want to go to Italy. It seems all of my dear friends have that one place they want to visit and know so much about. I didn't have that place until just recently. Who knows if I'll get to go or not but that is my destiniation I've determined,and I'll be visiting the library soon to gain much knowledge lol. xoxo


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