Three Films

1.  BBC's Pride & Prejudice - It's more like 6 films in one, but it's all one story, so I'm going to say it counts :)

2.  You've Got Mail - For the longest time, this was my go-to for a feel-good movie.  I just love Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan.  My poor hubby has had to watch this dozens of times.  He also made his way through the whole of #1.  Yes, he's a keeper.

3.  Little Women - I have three sisters, and I always wanted to be a writer when I was little (like Jo), so when I first saw this movie, I fell in love.  In fact, I remember watching the movie that evening, going straight to my room, and picking up a pencil and paper to write my story of my sisters and me.  I didn't get too far, but it's a clear memory for me.

This was hard!  There are so many more that I love!


  1. I have only seen #2- my SIL's keep telling me I have to see the others, but I just can't ever pull myself to do it!


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