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Thanks to some recent great suggestions and a day of pampering for my sister's wedding, I have a few fantastic faves to share!

1.  Organix Renewing Moroccan Argan Oil Shampoo ($7) - I picked this up on a recent shopping trip with Jessica.  Jessica has big hair.  (That is important to understand.)  I don't have big hair like Jessica, but it can be annoyingly wavy and thick at times, so I decided I could trust her opinion.  I love this shampoo!  It's in between the super pricey brands and the cheapo-depo brands.  It has a great scent, which I have been trying to "place" since I bought the shampoo over a month ago.  I know it from somewhere, and it's bringing me back to high school days, but I can't make the connection.  By the way, even though "oil" is in the name, it really doesn't greasy up your hair.  It makes it smooth but still moveable.  I tried to take a good awesome hair picture, but they were ridiculous.  So I chose the most ridiculous.  What, this doesn't make you want to try the shampoo??

2.  Maybelline One by Volume Express in Very Black ($6) - I think for those of us who started wearing make-up in the 90's, Maybelline mascara has a special place in our hearts and make-up bags.  This is that little square and pink mascara tube pumped up!  I know I believe in buying quality make-up whenever possible, but for me, mascara has to be tossed so quickly, it's hard to pay Sephora prices.  This mascara makes my eyelashes thick, long, and black--just what I want!
Tightline Cake Eye Liner
3.  Laura Mercier Tightline Cake Eyeliner in Ebony Black ($22) and Flat Eyeliner Brush ($25) - Yes I know, for those prices you can buy a pair of shoes or two, but seriously, this eye liner is the BEST and will last me the rest of my life.  The eyeliner was a gift from my sister after she and I had our make-up done for her wedding.  I bought the eyeliner brush so I could surely replicate the look.  I couldn't, of course, replicate it entirely, but it's still pretty awesome.  The eyeliner is a little pot of make-up which you activate with water, and this stuff stays on.
Gel Lip Colour

4.  Laura Mercier Gel Lip Colour in Rosette ($22) - Also a purchase from our make-up day, this lipstick is amazing!  And the exact type and color was featured in Lucky Magazine that very month!  (Click on the link to see for yourself!)


  1. I am excited to go and buy the red lipstick! I use to wear red when I was younger, haha... I'll keep you posted on how I look. xoxo

  2. My observation is that different people prefer different products and brands based essentially on their own body chemistry. For my part, I usually wear Maybelline for almost everything because their formulas just work with my skin. Mary Kay also had foundation that was good for my skin, but their eye makeup didn't do well for me, plus their stuff is so expensive. And my mom, whose complexion and body chemistry are similar to mine, wore Maybelline when she was younger, until she developed allergies to a lot of skin products, and now she can only wear Clinique. I wonder if that will happen to me.


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