Wednesday Woes

For the last week and a half, I have been sick, and for the past few days, I've been suffering from a sinus infection.  This is only the second sinus infection I have ever had in my life, and let me just say that I now have much more compassion for my poor hub who gets these multiple times a season.  Usually, I'd tell him to suck it up; it's just a stuffy nose, afterall.  Now I know.  Pain, tension, pressure, earache, headache - the whole phrase "sinus infection" just doesn't do it justice.  It needs something much grander in terribleness.  Sinulinfluenza might do.

The thing I hate the most about being sick is I don't feel well enough to get anything done or cross anything off of my list.  So, I decided to make myself a new list, just for this evening, so I don't feel like a complete failure.

1.  Write this blog post.  (Done.)
2.  Make a pot of tea. (Doing.)
3.  Discard my pile of used tissues.
4.  Read a little bit.
5.  Change into sweats.
6.  Eat Girl Scout cookies.
7.  Stretch.  Maybe.
8.  Drink two glasses of water.
9.  Write my monthly piano letter.
10. Pet Calla.

I will try to ignore the stack of papers to be graded, the unfinished lesson plans, and the untidy bathroom.  And maybe if I get a second wind later, I'll write a post for Whatcha Reading Wednesday, which I'm hoping to reinstate.


  1. I hope you feel better soon. I'm sure that marking anything off your list will help tremendously. Other options for your to do list: breathe in. (done) breathe out. (doing) :)

  2. Oh no! That's stinks- hope you're feeling better soon! Although if I am being honest part of that is a selfish wish because I want to hang out soon :) but the other part is a whole-heartedly hope just for you :)

  3. Boo! I hope you feel better soon!

  4. Whoa! 2 glasses of water. That is pretty risky this time of day. Those two glasses could easily come back to haunt you in the middle of the night.

  5. haha i like that "pet calla" made your list :) makes me miss my kitties!

  6. Hillarious : ) Sorry you are still feeling bum. Loves : )

  7. Hey btw, how did you get your "Feely's Fresh Nest" centered?


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