Q: The best part about being a teacher?

A. Spring break.  (At least during the springtime.)

Yes, the brat cat Calla is quite pleased I'll be home more to tend to her every beck and call.
Even though I only work two days at a school, to have those extra two days next week will be wonderful!  I think I may be overestimating just how much extra time I'll have, though, by the length of the list I've been making.  Still, it's fun to dream!

So, I'm hoping to tackle a DIY or two, possibly sew up something fun, share another song on my music blog, do a bit of spring cleaning and organizing, and, of course, read and drink lots of yummy hot drinks.

I have some dreaded grading and lesson-planning to do, but I'd love it if I could get most of that done this weekend.  We'll see.

You see how I may be reaching a little too high? :)


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