R&C Wedding, Part 2

Saturday morning, we were up bright and early to make our way back to Visalia for Part 2 of the wedding celebration.  After driving and setting up (with as little stress as possible thanks to Chelsea, our fabulous coordinator!), we soon found ourselves once again getting into our wedding get-up.  

The reception was at the Marriott in Visalia, so while we were fixing our make-up and hair upstairs in a room, guests were starting to gather.  Everything looked so lovely with white flowers (I'll be sharing that DIY project sometime in the future) and navy blue touches.  Thanks to Stephanie G for taking such wonderful photos of the evening!

As soon as the guests were seated, Chelsea and Roger entered the room and walked to the dance stage for their first dance.  I serenaded them :)  I'll have to share more about their song later, but it was such a special moment watching my sister and new brother dance together with all of our friends and family there.  Amazing.

Soon we were seated and eating away.  The food was good and people seemed to be enjoying themselves.  After a bit of toasting and singing, it was time to dance!

It was quite a late night, and no kidding, I was still recovering from our busy weekend days and days later.  But what a wonderful time we all had, and now, we get to enjoy our life with the happy Mr. and Mrs. Knoren.


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