San Diego...short but sweet!

On Thursday Rob and I headed to lovely San Diego to visit John and Kelly and see their new home!  It was short but sweet as we arrived quite late Thursday night, chatted a bit (and opened a belated birthday gift!), then headed to bed.  Friday Kelly and I ditched the kids and boys so she could get her hair cut, then again so we could peruse and drool over items at Sur La Table.  My gifts, incidentally, were from that very store - a super cool cookie press and two fabulous mugs which might just be the best mugs ever.  She and I made a few other little purchases even though we would have loved to buy at least one of everything.

While home, our time was spent drinking coffee, eating meals, and, of course, playing with the kiddos.  They're both getting so big.  Anna is such a little girl, dancing around and showing off all her skills.  "Candace, see" was the phrases of the weekend and is translated as follows: "Candace, stop whatever you are doing and look at this awesome thing I am doing!  It is for your own good!"  It was pretty cute.  John pointed out that Anna thinks of me and Rob as her friends, so it's heartwarming that she so willingly wants us to be part of her life.  Nicholas, of course, is a bit little to care much about us, but it was great getting to see his beautiful face in person.

Saturday was going home day, but before we did we went to La Jolla to see the seals and eat lunch.  Well...lunch didn't happen, because sometimes that's how it goes, but we still had a great time in fabulous weather!  And the pictures alone were worth the trip.  A quick change of plans and we had ourselves delicious burritos for lunch, soon followed by sad good-byes and promises to see each other very soon.

Thanks, deG's, for another lovely stay.  Congratulations on your new home!  Looking forward to many more visits there!


  1. Miss you friend! Thanks again for coming down.


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