Carly turns twenty-five!

On January 4th, we celebrated Carly's 25th birthday! In honor of Carly's milestone day (a quarter of a century! That's big!), I thought I'd write a bit about her.
Birthday lunch at the Vintage Press in Visalia
Carly is the third of us four girls. Chels and I are 19 months apart, then there's a gap of a couple years, and then Car and Camille are 19 months apart. It's funny - Carly and I are January girls, and Camille and Chels are August girls. And usually, that's how the rooming situation went. Carly and I nearly always shared a room together, so with my sleep-talking and her sleep-smacking (yes, it's a thing. and she does it.), it's amazing either one of us got any rest.

Carly loves animals--always has. And since she also loves cozying up on the couch more than anyone I know, the animals love her. She's a homebody at heart, but that girl is also busy, always hanging out with family or friends. She's got a great laugh, and it's a fact that people just love her.

She's a fan of ridiculous Lifetime movies, Mexican food, soft blankets, cozy slippers (she'll steal any pair that's lying around, so beware), Christmas decorations, fireplaces, and her family. She has no shame hanging out with mom and dad on a Friday night. She mixes all of her food together and makes anything and everything into a "dip." If there's a chip nearby, she's using it to scoop up her meal.

She's a warm, beautiful person, and we love her so much. We hope this year brings her many blessings!

Happy 25th, Carly!


  1. Aww so sweet! Made me tear up reading it... Not sure why ha... Love you so much!


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