Thirty! {Parts 2 & 3}

The birthmonth celebration continued! Saturday we celebrated with my side of the family and received an extra special surprise - Chels and Roger made it, even though Chels had said she was too sick to come! Luckily she forced herself to get better, and she and her hub made a quick trip to V-town. Dinner was great and fun and truly felt special. Unfortunately, I forgot my camera, so the pictures I have are from Roger's phone. Not bad, actually, but I'm still kicking myself that I didn't get a great one of all of us that night.
The next day we had lunch with the Feely's at Henry Salazar's. It was another great afternoon, and except for the flan, the food was fantastic. (Not sure what happened to their great dessert -- but no charge, so it worked out.)
I love the little card Debbie made! 3 candles x 10 = 30 :)


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