Thirty! {Part 4}

The last of the celebrating was on my actual birthday, Tuesday, January 22nd. Robby took me to the Cheesecake Factory in Fresno. I love going there not only because I love cheesecake but also because it's right next to Anthropologie and Sephora. It's become a little birthday tradition to have dinner and then walk over and get my free birthday treat from Sephora. Anthro gives a nice birthday discount, so I bought myself a sweet gift for $8! Yes. Amazing.

Our dinner was so fun, and once again my husband completely spoiled me! He gave me an iPhone! I can't say I had been subtle about my hope for this gift, but it was a great surprise anyway. After officially joining the data phone club, we walked to the mall to get a cute case, then did a little browsing in the shops. What a great night!
This has been one fun month! My twenties were good to me, but it seems thirty will be good, as well. Maybe even better :)


  1. The last celebration - BLAST!!! We should be partying right now!

  2. how fun!! and yes, sephora and anthro are perfectly good reasons for an after dinner walk ;). happy happy birthday!

  3. I haven't looked at your blog for a while. So many fun things to see, you being one of them!


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