THIRTY with a Twist! {Part 1}

We don't do true birthday celebrations around here. We drag them out as long as possible, so it becomes more of a birthmonth celebration.

This month I turn thirty, and it seems the partying begins early with this big of a day! Our good friend Ben turned thirty on the 17th, so we did a joint party with friends. We all dressed up in black and white and added a twist of color...fitting for the big 3-0, I think. Yes, we're headed closer and closer to that over-the-hill mark, but there's still lots of neon and color in our lives.

We had the party at Ben and Steph's. Steph is an awesome wife and friend -- she threw a party for Ben and me even though she was five days away from her due date! (Incidentally, that baby girl came last night! Healthy and beautiful!)
Me and Steph (with her turquoise twist)
30 candles!
Me and my handsome hub, happily wearing his glow-necklace
Tons of friends showed up for the celebration, which included delectable home-made desserts, appetizers, drinks, smores, a bonfire, and neon glow-sticks.
Chels, me, and Steph - twisted with pink and orange
Darren and Cristi - with pops of red and piink
Natalie and Shannon wearing bright pants
Grant and Carly - with a gold twist
Stephen, Steve, Trevor, and Alan
Ben with the Neece's wearing pops of red
Fun gifts! And fitting for the theme!
See my orange twist? And that necklace is from Chels, one of those awesome 31 Bits designs!
(I had borrowed hers a while ago and didn't want to give it back.)
Ben (orange twist), Ellie, and Steve
The birthday kids!
We had such a fun night. AND I'm technically not thirty yet -- a few more days. Tonight is celebration #2, and more are to come. I guess it makes turning thirty not so bad when I'm surrounded by family and friends I love :)


  1. How fun! I'm glad celebration #1 was fun, can't wait to hear about #2, and I can't wait until we do #3 next week!!!

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  3. Wow you got some great photos! And none of them contain chest hair like all of my photos :) I will probably steal a few of these, if I ever get around to a post!


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