Christmas Part 1

My earliest memories of Christmas are of the Vander Kooi cousins gathering together on Christmas Eve, crowding my grandparent's living room and opening (and then showing off) our gifts. As the family has grown over the years, it no longer works to gather on Christmas Eve, but I'm so happy we still find a day to come together. This year, everyone arrived at my parents' house on Sunday, December 23rd, and we have a great evening of celebration. Except for my grandmother taking a little spill earlier in the day (thank God she was all right, minus a trip to the ER for a few stitches!), it was a wonderful day and every cousin around here was able to make it!

Christmas with the Vander Kooi's includes three main parts: a devotional/prayer by Uncle Bill, a grand feast put together by all the ladies, and a rowdy game of Greed.
Candace and Kara
Rodger and Amy 
Bobby and Ali
Johnny and Katie, plus Annie (Kara and Jonathan's newest)
Uncle John, Dad, Uncle Rob
Playing Greed!
Uncle John holding Kody, Uncle Pete, Aunt Ann and Annie, Mom, and a piece of Uncle Bill


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