All Wrapped Up: New weekly summary!

I so appreciate my friends and blog addictions who provide a weekly summary for me. I don't always get time to read my favorite blogs each day, so sometimes the weekend is a catch-up time. I've been wanting to do this for awhile, ever since I saw Design*Sponge (my long time blog crush) do their Weekly Wrap-Up. Since I write multiple blogs, this will provide a one-stop summary of the different aspects of my life these days.

I also want to confess that I have become addicted to pixlr. (Oh, you were just dying with anticipation for me to share how I made the incredibly chic and classy birthday pic and award pic?) As much as I'd love my super talented friend Steph to design every post of mine, I realized I needed to learn a few simple things myself. In comes pixlr: an easy online photo editor that at the very least allows me to make collages and add text in about two minutes. You will love it, so you might as well give in and check it out now.
Okay, that took a long time. Granted, I spent way more hours in blogland than I usually do, thanks to bedrest, the flu, and a husband who is convinced I shouldn't be moving around for more than a bathroom break.


  1. i might have to check pixlr out! I've been using picasa and JUST NOW realized they have a collage tool - yay! finally!


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